Used Cars in Philadelphia

3 Problems With Used Cars in Philadelphia (And How to Avoid Them)

Buying used cars in Philadelphia is not easy these days. In fact, this holds true for any other state in the U.S. Nowadays, most private sellers are trying to hide most of the vehicles’ defects and flaws. Even some dealers have started to resort to shady tactics to sell cars fast. In many cases, you are not getting your money’s worth. Used cars are indeed a much better option than new cars for people who don’t have large budget. However, if you want to buy used cars in Philadelphia, you need to be aware of some problems you may have to face. Don’t worry; we’ll provide you with a simple solution to these problems as well.

Problem #1: Are Used Cars in Philadelphia Reliable?

The problem with buying used cars in Philadelphia is that you may not know what you are buying. Yes, the best way to buy a used car is from somebody you know. In this case, you basically know most of the history of the vehicle. You can be sure that the previous owner has carefully maintained the vehicle. But let’s face it: you rarely have the choice to buy your dream car from your best friend. In most cases, you will buy a used vehicle from somebody you don’t know or from a used car dealership in Philly. The problem is that you won’t know much about the vehicle. Was it properly maintained? Did it have any mechanical or electrical problems? The car you want to buy may have been totaled and then repaired. Even though many sellers will disclose these details and will do their best to describe the vehicle as best as possible, some will try to hide major flaws.

Problem #2: Is the Mileage Real?

We’ve all heard about it. Rolling back the odometer is a real problem these days. After all, a car with a low mileage can be sold for a better price. Unscrupulous individual sellers will roll back the odometer in an attempt to sell a high-mileage car fast, for a high price. There have even been cases of car dealerships that rolled back the odometers on some vehicles. And yes, even digital odometers can be rolled back. If a car is very cheap, considering its mileage, you should immediately suspect that something is wrong with that car. Nobody sells a car with 20,000 miles on the clock for 50% of the original price. Cars do lose value over time, but not at this rate!

Problem #3: What If the Car Breaks Down in 2 Days?

There are thousands of used cars in Philadelphia. But which one should you buy? When you buy a used car, you are exposing yourself to some risks. If you buy the vehicle from an individual seller, you won’t be able to return it if it breaks down in a couple days. Proving that the seller knew the car had a problem is difficult. And besides, going to court will cost you even more than repairing the car. Nobody can guarantee you 100% that the used car you are about to buy will not break down in the next 24 months. After all, it’s a used car. However, you can protect yourself against problems for three or six months simply by picking the right seller. Did you know that you can buy used cars in Philadelphia and get warranty for a couple months?

The Simple Solution to These Problems

So, how do you get a guarantee that the car won’t break down in 10 days? How can you be sure that the mileage is real? Where can you get a detailed description of the vehicle, including its flaws? The simple way to avoid most of the problems is to buy the used car from a reliable used car dealer. Yes, buying used cars in Philadelphia can be a lot safer if people choose the right seller. A trustworthy used car dealer will go to great lengths to inspect each and every vehicle for hidden flaws. The car and its problems – if any – will be described in great detail. Also, you will usually get to see the results of a professional inspection. However, perhaps the most important benefit of choosing a dealership when buying used cars in Philadelphia is the fact that you can get a 3-month or 6-month warranty. The dealer will fix the vehicle if it breaks down, which is exactly what you need. Even though vehicles sold by used car dealers are a bit more expensive than those sold by individual sellers, all the perks are worth the extra money.